Back Massage

Structural Integration​ (Hellerwork)

What should I expect?

SI is a bodywork technique that uses hands-on work and movement to improve alignment and reduce tension in the body.

When you arrive, we will check-in with how you are responding to the work, and explore where you are feeling fascial restrictions. This will inform our work.

The bulk of a session involves treatment with the client on a table, although seated and standing work may also be included. The structural bodywork is akin to slow deep tissue massage, with clients often prompted to engage in directed movements..

Sessions end with a post evaluation of body-felt experience in standing, and sometimes a movement exercise to bring fresh eyes to walking and other repetitive movements.

Before and After a Session

Prepare for the session as you would for a workout or yoga class. Don't eat a big meal right before or plan a strenuous activity after a session. Your body will appreciate time to integrate the work! Keep hydrated between sessions to support your fascia's ability to express healthy homeostasis.

What should I wear? 

Structural Integration is typically done with men in underwear and women in a bra and underwear, which allows for direct fascial work. If you want to wear gym shorts, that’s just fine. If women would prefer to wear a camisole or a tank top I can work around those.

For Craniosacral Therapy, wear comfortable clothing that don't restrict movement.


Fees and Scheduling

Structural Integration

$95 per session

The 11-series package: $950

The 11th session is a review of the movement education and a reflection on the process of the series.

Craniosacral Therapy & Muscle Energy

$70 for 60 minute session

$100 for 90 minute session

Children age 14 and under

$20 for 30 minute cranial, $40 for an hour of structural bodywork.

*A parent or guardian must be present at the first session.

*Need-based sliding scales available upon request

   tips are accepted but are not expected


10a - 4:30p   Wednesdays & Thursdays

9a - 3:30p      Fridays