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The Structural Integration​ Series

What should I expect?

SI is a bodywork technique that uses hands-on bodywork and conscious movement improve structural alignment. In the series, each session looks at a specific myofascial body region and improves its function and relation to the whole.

We want to see the joints balanced on top of one another -- for example, bringing the hips under the ribcage and releasing fascial restrictions around the ribcage encourages full and easy diaphragmatic breathing. A body in alignment body improves overall health and function by reducing tensions from compensatory patterns and allowing gravity to act as a source of stability and strength.

When you arrive, we will look at the fascia's presentation and story. Our bodies tell the story of our lives and lifestyle. Habitual movements (work, hobbies, exercise) and past injuries and surgeries create expressions within the fascia that can relate to persistent pain and other health conditions. Structural assessment can be done in undergarments or athletic clothing.

The bulk of a session consists of myofascial treatment on the table. The structural bodywork is somewhat like deep tissue massage, with clients prompted to engage in slow, directed movements. At times, gentler techniques allow the fascia and nervous system to integrate changes. Each session in the series has a theme to explore connection between our physical and mental/emotional experience and manifestation.

After myofascial treatment, there is a post-evaluation to observe shifts in your felt-sense and movement education to incorporate those shifts into daily life.

The initial session is 90 minutes and includes an intake; subsequent sessions are 75 minutes. 

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are a great way to experience the many benefits bodywork provides, from regulating the nervous system to addressing acute pain, or simply feeling better. We will discuss together your desired outcomes and use a blend of techniques - myofascial release, massage, and cranial sacral therapy.

What should I wear? 

Structural Integration is is typically done with men in underwear and women in a bra and underwear, which allows for direct fascial work. If you would prefer to wear athletic or biking shorts during treatment, that’s fine, and a camisole or a tank top can be worked around as well

For individual sessions, what to wear will vary depending on the type of session. For massage, clients will be draped and may dress down to their comfort. For mostly cranial sacral sessions, comfortable or athletic clothing is perfect.


Fees and Scheduling

Individual Bodywork Sessions

$90 for 60 minutes

$110 for 75 minutes

$130 for 90 minutes

The Structural Integration10-series: $1,080

Initial session is 90 minutes and includes intake,

subsequent sessions are 75 minutes.

 * Able to accept payment through HSA

 * I offer a limited number of need-based sliding scale slots.


9am - 5pm   Monday - Thursday

9am - 3pm   Friday

Zoom Qi Gong Classes

8:15 - 8:45 Tuesday & Thursday

$36 per month; $7 for a drop-in


Fees and Scheduling
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