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Some things I like:

KC Hellerwork Instagram

Movement Mondays and more


Body College Podcast 

exploring embodied approaches to pain, trauma and anxiety.

Feldenkrais with Taro Iwamoto on YouTube. 

Improving movement patterns = improving breathing patterns (90 seconds)

Five-ish minutes with Dr. Robert Svoboda videos:

What is Ayurveda? — Daily Routine ----- Ayurvedic times of day to do things — Ten Determining Factors for Health

Wild Peace Tai Chi blog: 

Finding the Mystical Zone of Taiji and Qigong 

Simplified Energetic Anatomy for Qi Gong


The 18 Movements were originally developed by Master Li Houshen in 1979 at the Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital in Shanghai. It is the most popular form of Qi Gong and is practiced by millions of people in South Asia. These 18 movements were originally developed for rehabilitative purposes but are extremely beneficial for everyone and can be practiced at any age or in any health condition.

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