Balancing Rocks

Hellerwork has three components: Bodywork, Somatic Dialogue, and Movement Education

Structural Bodywork

The Structural Integration (SI) series was designed by Dr. Ida Rolf to systematically organize and align the body in relation to gravity for lasting structural change. Joseph Heller expanded Dr. Rolf's model of working with the body to incorporate the mind-body connection and movement education.

I work with the fascia, which takes many forms throughout the body to create one single continuous structure. Fascia develops according to its use, always adapting to loads placed upon it and the shapes it takes in daily life. The aim of SI is to organize and orient an individual's fascia towards a balanced, aligned structure so gravity can act as a strengthening force.

Tension, twists, strains, and pains are released through hands-on myofascial manipulation. You and I will work together to align your fascial network and dissolve restrictions to help facilitate your body's ability to heal itself naturally.

Somatic Awareness

Our bodies and minds are linked. The stories we believe and our persistent emotional states play a key role in our overall health and perception of pain. Awareness of the mind-body connection is a powerful tool for self-understanding and transformation. You are invited to step into a broader sense of yourself that honors the intelligence of the soma, the body.

We unconsciously carry much of our physical tension; when we bring our bodies into conscious awareness, we recognize this dynamic, how our habituated grippings bind up our energy in their own perpetuation. Coupled with structural bodywork, somatic awareness allows an individual to consciously shift toward a greater sense of effortless balance and well-being.

Movement Education

Our bodies are amazing adapters, taking shape according to how we use them. The patterned ways we sit at a desk or on the couch, how we bend down to garden or lift a heavy box, and how we walk all effect our fascial structure.

Through movement education we explore ways to move through life with ease, leading to less pain and more energy. We will also explore the connection between our mind and our movements to learn how each influences the other, increasing the capacity for comfort and self-expression in the body-mind.

The Series

The 10-session Structural Integration series is a systematic release and reorganization of fascia to re-establish the structural balance of your body. Chronic tension and pain dissolve. Movement becomes more fluid in both your physical and emotional life. A comfortable sense of being lifted and supported replaces the stress and strain of carrying your body through life.

About Me

I received a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies from the University of Missouri in 2015, a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) training from the Institute for Spirituality and Health at the Texas Medical Center in 2017, and graduated from the Hellerwork Practitioners Training from UCHA in Omaha in 2021. I like to help people feel good in their bodies and realize their mind-body connection.

I also enjoy gardening, playing music, practicing tai chi and qigong, and learning about permaculture.

How I Work 

I believe people are most available to healing when they feel safe and comfortable, and are personally invested in their own process. My aim is to understand the limitations that cause a person pain and discomfort, and to educate their body-mind toward health through movement, dialogue, and touch.